Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last when I was stuck I realized its significance

Often I get stuck up with my thoughts, my plans, my executions ,my promises, my boastings, my commitments, my priorities , my dreams…
This feeling of “stuck”, projects in me other feeling to be free. Now, freedom shouldn’t be mistaken with getting “rid off “. When any of those aforementioned will be accomplished, I am sure of happy freedom. Instead if I chase freedom I will get rid of it.
This big difference should be apprehended with great composure. We often confront whirlpools in mind, wherein we prefer to sink than to rise up and take charge of our precarious mind.
But, how long are you planning to fall for it. I am ending it right here, right now. I have found few fundas to handle it, which I am practicing like an ant which falls and climb back again to the wall until it reaches the top.
Whenever we decide something, if it comes with enthusiasm and excitement it fades away soon with excitement as the time pass on. As well said time is a good healer, its not just in terms of your pain but for your plans too. That’s why none of India’s Five year plans are successful.
 So, Funda first, “hold your plan to yourself till the adrenaline rush cross by”. Now if your plan still remains then start working on it with step wise plan and its execution to get boosted up every time.

Funda second,” set priority and give 100 percent priority wise, whatever may come.” Just do your best. Innumerable plans and ideas may strike you at the same time but keep track of your priority strictly.
Funda third,” stop thinking of possibilities, it makes you weak and fragile, and it keeps throwing you off the way”. Just consider a trekker while climbing a mountain thinks of wild species, rocky cutting edges, breathlessness, hunger, and time. Will he be able to reach the height he planned for? Of course not!!
Funda fourth, “keep smile intact, whether you win or lose”. You should move ahead as if nothing has ever touched you. For a willing soul doors are always open, so learn to ignore closed doors. Everyone needs you; this world will need you to fulfill the purpose solemnly given to you.
Success is defined as “Never fading confidence, unshakeable personality and never dying SMILE”

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