Saturday, May 26, 2012


I just watched a wonderful movie on dog’s loyalty, a real story..HACHIKO…and I am touched.

I found a similar story which was running around me from past 3 years and I haven’t realized till date.

My sister who was loved and have loved my Grandfather “Bhaiyaji”.He took care of her from the day she was born. She is unlucky not to have mother’s love but is super lucky to have his (Bhaiyaji) love.He was the only person who loved her with all his heart. 

Bhaiyaji was man of his own.From the day I have understood things I have found him a man who lives for others, who cares for others, who is always there when you need him.

His love was different like him. He used to yell to make things correct and you have to (have to) listen to him. Being the elder most amongst his kith and kin, he used to take absolute care of them and their families irrespective of anything (money, respect...).He took responsibility and did everything with all his heart.

My sister on the other hand was born with underdeveloped mind. And probably that is the reason, she lacks mother’s love in her life.Bhaiyaji did all he can to educate my mother but couldn't convince her(Mother is never bad, probably some Karma).But then all this while both of them got closer and loved each other immensely.
As the rule of nature he has to leave all of us. There was no shift in my sister’s behavior that day and for next 11 days. But on 12th day when we were done with all his ceremonies, I still clearly remember everyone was offering last flowers on his picture and when everyone left she went closer to picture and said “Bhaiya chale gae” (He left us).(In Hindu tradition it is believed that after someone passes, his soul leaves earth only after 12 days).And that whole day she was sitting alone and was in deep silence.

Next day brought her cheerfulness back. One new thing added to her schedule she started speaking to Bhaiyaji over an imaginary mobile phone, it’s been three years and she still do that. She tells him everyone’s whereabouts and all day events. And take care of people around her in the same way as he used to do.
The girl isn’t loved anymore but loves all. I have seen her only smiling and laughing. She doesn’t expect anything from anyone. She spends most of the time alone in deep love and silence.
I am touched as I see brainless (a dog & an underdeveloped) loving immensely and deeply. Living every moment in someone’s love.

I am touched as I see Love is deep and endless. It can bring change.
I am touched as I see people expecting, complaining, demanding, blaming & running, running and running. They have forgotten to love, to live, to be happily mad and to be silent.

Touched Gunjan