Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why do I see a lot of contrast around me?
A smile is contrasted with sad faced, a privileged with underfed, a beauty with an ugly, softness with arrogance, extrovert with introvert and contrast goes on. 
Is it bad to be on the lower side?
I found answer out in the world to be “YES”.
There is no consideration for the other side of the coin. You have to raise yourself above the bar to match standards of the world and stay happy.
But do you really need to keep bothering yourself if stars are not favouring you? Do you have to look down upon yourself every time?
I will say “NO”. When you are weak, a good lot of people are there to look down on you and then it’s only you who can still love yourself and believe in your abilities.

 Nothing could be worse than you hating yourself. So dance with the opposites and enjoy whatever may come, because it’s just this life, just this.
Moreover, opposite values are complementary. A smile is smile because of sad face, a privileged is so because of underfed, and a beauty is beauty because of ugly faces around……
Hence, CONTRAST is a way of LIFE.
Gun JAN….