Monday, January 31, 2011

Happiness is Independant

Hey All,

Today, a man turned up to my office. He was around sixty years old, wearing a white dirty shirt and a black pant. With despair look on his face and great difficulty he stepped up the stairs, as his feet were wounded and his age made it worse.

He was carrying two poly-bags. We approached him to figure out the purpose of his visit. So, he took out few plastic bundles from the poly-bag. Those bundles were full of hand made designer envelopes. Those envelopes were beautiful enough to express the creativity of the person. On further inquiry he said "I am badly in need of a job which could give me something to eat and live."

He continued "I was rich businessmen in Maharashtra with 200 looms and granite business but few years’ back I lost crores of rupees as all granite was damaged and useless. Following the incident, my sons have thrown me out of the home. They kept my wife because she do their household work and take care of their children. I am all alone now with no one to take care. Job is must for me."

A man with lot of creativity and a big family with two sons and their family, who was once a rich man, is now poor and lonely, at such a point of his life when he needs them the most.

What idea does it give you about life??

Children have grown thankless? Life is uncertain? Or Money is important? What is that??

I think its just happiness. A happiness which doesn't depend on anything or anyone. Neither a relationship nor money can bring you happiness, both of them are big time dumpers.So, the question is where is happiness?
Since,we can comprehend things, we were asked to behave properly, study, be in competition establish with a good career. What I feel is it’s just a mere assumption, because we tend to be in our comfort zones and particularities, in fear of pain we end up in creating an unstable wealth.

What is left with that man except brooding over his past? Memories seem to be a big stain on white silk cloth of his past. He will die and dissolve in the same mud of which he was born...What next?? Again he will be born in some other place,as a well known and scientifically proved fact, soul never dies, and repeat the same boring cycle with a washed off memory. Again and again and again...

Do you think that is what life all about? If your answer is "NO”, so congratulations!!,you have already started living. And,
 If your answer is "YES”, you don't need a psychiatrist. But a master or guru who knows what the Life is. He will direct you in a much better way of being happy. He will make you meet yourself. You will realize the talents and powers in yourself. The immense joy and happiness in you.


SPIRITUALITY is the best way of being happy.It is beyond any religion.Its about human happiness.Problems will come,but you will always be able to handle them.Start praying and surrendering,it makes you stronger.

P.S:-For so called COOL people,sprituality is not being sadhu but it adds endless fun,love and enjoyment in every moment of your life.Try it!! Else you will always be a looser.

Deepening the mystery of creation is science. Deepening the mystery of the Self is spirituality.
The purpose of technology is to comfort human beings.When spiritual values - human values - are ignored and neglected, technology brings fear and destruction instead of comfort.-Sri Sri


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello Freinds!!

Hope you are all in purple of your health!! ha ha:)

I just dived in the lake(very small) of my past and found it brownish,dirtied by the thoughts of ignorance.I then went deep to the level of ego,picked up few shells of thoughts about myself and guess what!! i was proud to be me as mature,understanding blahhh blahhh...although others levels never occurred so beautiful to me.

But,(why this ifs and buts come)!! Anyways but,since i started meditating under my Guru's guidance.That lake grasped some kinetic energy and have started merging into a huge ocean(it still is)..every shell,stones,creature have started acting vice-versa..

My awareness is ascending to an unknown destination.My concentration is shifted to other levels(levels of existence) too.

But, i am finding lot of drawbacks with my intellect and ego ..Considering,the last sentence,i was quite upset as my "Proud to be me" shells were loosing its worth.What's happening??? Why is it happening??.But just one thing kept me fixed on this path is "FAITH"..

And that faith showed me a ray of light today...So heres a story from Paulo Cohelo's blog which took me towards realisation.The whole mysterious talk was just to make your way to this short story!![i know some of you must be looking out for me ha ha:):)]


When I was travelling the road to Rome, one of the four sacred roads in my magical tradition, I realized, after almost twenty days spent entirely alone,that I was in a much worse state than when I had started.
In my solitude, I began to have mean, nasty, ignoble feelings.
I sought out my guide to the road and told her about this. I said that when I had set out on that pilgrimage, I had thought I would grow closer to God, but that, after three weeks, I was feeling a great deal worse.
‘You are getting better, don’t worry,’ she said.
‘The fact is that when we turn on our inner light, the first thing we see are the cobwebs and the dust, our weak points.
“They were there already, it’s just that you couldn’t see them in the darkness. Now it will be much easier for you to clean out your soul.’

Relishing GUNJAN:):)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Why Purpleness???

Because,Purple is my favorite color.All shades of this color is beautiful either mauve, lavender or royal purple or reddish purple.

So here i am posting some interesting facts about PURPLE!!

The color is called Purpura in Latin(Dead Language).

Purple is the symbol of Royalty and wealth.It also represents wisdom and spirituality.

A purple room can boost child's imagination or an artist's creativity.Too much of purple can cause moodiness

The actual color of Tyrian purple, the original color purple from which the name purple is derived, is the color of a dye made from a mollusc that in classical antiquity became a symbol of royalty because only the very wealthy could afford it. Therefore, Tyrian purple was also called imperial purple.

The Imperial robes of Roman Emperor were Tyrian Purple trimmed in metallic gold thread.

Here is fat Roman Emperor with the purple robe..ha ha....:)

Purple is associated with Saturday on the Thai solar calendar. Anyone may wear purple on Saturdays and anyone born on a Saturday may adopt purple as their color.

In Japan, purple is known as the color of death.

Holocaust :The purple triangle was a Nazi concentration camp badge used by the Nazis to identify several un-orthodox non-conformist religious groups known as Bibelforscher, mostly Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Deep or bright suggest riches while the lighter purple are more romantic and delicate.Use reddish purple for warmer color scheme and bluer purple to cool down.

Hopefully i have added all shades of PURPLE.                                                    


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Belong to Accept

Hello !!

To start with..I belong to you.:)

Isn't it a beautiful way introduced by our "G"? In first meeting itself you start belonging to other irrespective of caste,creed,culture,status,character and importantly Religion..

Belongingness easily leads to acceptance.

Then what!!! Just Fun...

So lets have fun together..:):)