Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello Freinds!!

Hope you are all in purple of your health!! ha ha:)

I just dived in the lake(very small) of my past and found it brownish,dirtied by the thoughts of ignorance.I then went deep to the level of ego,picked up few shells of thoughts about myself and guess what!! i was proud to be me as mature,understanding blahhh blahhh...although others levels never occurred so beautiful to me.

But,(why this ifs and buts come)!! Anyways but,since i started meditating under my Guru's guidance.That lake grasped some kinetic energy and have started merging into a huge ocean(it still is)..every shell,stones,creature have started acting vice-versa..

My awareness is ascending to an unknown destination.My concentration is shifted to other levels(levels of existence) too.

But, i am finding lot of drawbacks with my intellect and ego ..Considering,the last sentence,i was quite upset as my "Proud to be me" shells were loosing its worth.What's happening??? Why is it happening??.But just one thing kept me fixed on this path is "FAITH"..

And that faith showed me a ray of light today...So heres a story from Paulo Cohelo's blog which took me towards realisation.The whole mysterious talk was just to make your way to this short story!![i know some of you must be looking out for me ha ha:):)]


When I was travelling the road to Rome, one of the four sacred roads in my magical tradition, I realized, after almost twenty days spent entirely alone,that I was in a much worse state than when I had started.
In my solitude, I began to have mean, nasty, ignoble feelings.
I sought out my guide to the road and told her about this. I said that when I had set out on that pilgrimage, I had thought I would grow closer to God, but that, after three weeks, I was feeling a great deal worse.
‘You are getting better, don’t worry,’ she said.
‘The fact is that when we turn on our inner light, the first thing we see are the cobwebs and the dust, our weak points.
“They were there already, it’s just that you couldn’t see them in the darkness. Now it will be much easier for you to clean out your soul.’

Relishing GUNJAN:):)